Rachel Botchan and Sam Tsoutsouvas.
Rachel Botchan and Phil Gillen.
L-R: Warren Kelley, John Long.
L-R: Warren Kelley, Phil Gillen and Sam Tsoutsouvas.

"The Property," a new play by Ben Josephson, is the story of a woman, two men she has loved and one man she is tempted to love, and the teenage son she stifles with good intentions.

Irene, once carefree and artistic but now a low-level corporate manager alarmed by the erosion of her family's financial security, imposes two measures to shore the family up. She rents out a property -- the garden cottage that has been her current husband's retreat -- to a teacher who infatuates her. Then she inveigles her ex, who is her son's vehemently estranged but influential father, into launching the boy on a lucrative career path. What emerges is the transformation of five people on edge, and constrained by an increasingly ungenerous world, into selves that would horrify the selves they once had been.

L-R: Warren Kelley and Matthew ZanFagna.
Rachel Botchan and John Long.
Photos by Hunter Canning / @huntercanning.

The year is 2000 and Irene, a back-office manager in a bank, senses that the underpinnings of her family's financial security are eroding. So she does two things. She commandeers the hangout--a garden cottage adjacent to their house--of her husband Eddie, a bookish Marxist, and rents the property to Greg, an intriguing and attractive teacher. She also persuades Vernon, who is both her ex and the estranged father of her teenage son Todd, to get the boy a high-powered summer job. Two years later, Irene has accomplished what she set out to do but Todd is broken and the three men in her life have become unrecognizable to themselves.

The play offers a portrait of the declining class, where people's quirks, dilemmas and dissatisfactions bitingly dominate everyday life.

This play comes to New York through the vision of director Robert Kalfin, founder of the Chelsea Theatre Center (winner of five Tony Awards, four Tony nominations and 21 Obies), who has directed widely on Broadway and Off-Broadway and was named a Legend of Off-Broadway by the Off-Broadway Alliance in 2015. It is the New York debut of playwright Ben Josephson.

410 W 42nd Street

June 16 to July 14, 2018
Tue 7:00 PM, Wed-Sat 8:00 PM;
Matinees Sat 2:00 PM & Sun 3:00 PM.
Tickets $40-50 general admission
Box office: Telecharge, (212) 239-6200